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Target Patckages is configured multiple times powershell.list.d

schism Posts: 11
edited August 2018 in Debian

Hi, I have Powershell on Kali Linux. I noticed after entering sudo apt-get update, I get errors saying "Target packages is configured multiple times in etc/apt/sources.list.d/Microsoft.list:1" I just installed powershell so I'm guessing the sources.list error is for powershell and microsoft. How do I fix this so I can update Kali? I'm attaching screenshots of my sources and sources.d Microsoft folders. That's where the problems are. And the original update error.


  • schism
    schism Posts: 11

    I think I figured it out. After reading closer I saw the 2 files Microsoft and powershell had the same info. I deleted powershell.list and now it works fine. Any ideas on if this is the right way to fix it? Thanks


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