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New to Linux, New installation on old compaq with Vista still

Hi All As said I am still on Vista, but now needs to be updated to use web browsers. So was considering Linux, but finding it frustrating to find what I need to down load. Where do I go for a simple assessment of my system, with a list of choices what would suit my system and the necessary downloads in their entirety?

Story so far in my search for above has been as follows, copied from what I posted yesterday on another thread, but realised that thread was in 2017. So thought I'd create a new one. I do hope someone can help. Please don't take any offence at my frustration and constructive critism.
I keep reading on Linux, how easy it is to install. But following the links, and looking at the choices and choosing a few of the Operating System to consider and faciers that would suit me as a user. I am surprised, that there isn't a link on those choices taking one to all what is required to explain the procedure and all what is necessary together with the relative software to download.

Why is it, when one chooses what maybe a replacementoperating system, you have to then go find that downloads are else where and difficult to find? On top of which, they don't relate to what you have chosen. As one has to maybe download some basic systems 1st, then add the chosen systems to that. Unfortunately however, that what seems available, only gives an older choice such as MInt. Plus one has to work out what 'mirror' means, as it looks like, what is available in my own Country , the UK or others. But then have to second guess from a choice of website links, which is suitable to use and provide my desired software. Only to find as said, the site doesn't explain which relates to which software front of house. I tried to look at Linux before, but had the same problem. In being sent around the houses not getting anywhere easily.

I suffer from mental fatigue, as well as having Dyslexia and Asperger Syndrome, you may say what's that got to do anything. But hunting for stuff, although can be fun when desired to do so, can be extremely frustrating when forced to. Especially when the known clicks to keep someone interested in a website is no more than 3, so why in how long Linux has been going, doesn't seem to have adopted this? I am not trying to be critcal, as would dearly like to try Linux. But am getting extremely frustrated, before I even attempt to downloading the software, if I can find it, that is. There must be an easier way?

All I'm looking for and suggesting if there isn't already. Is a link attached to eash of the descriptions of the OS's, to a system check for one's pc etc, which then takes you to instructions together with an orderly list of the downloads, one requires to download that necessary. Followed by the additional options one might wish compatible to that listed as already chosen. toggether with their relative descreptions.
So respectively question is, where can I find such? Thanks


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 364

    1) You are looking for something which does not exist as one entity.
    2) One place that tries to describe many distros is DistroWatch.com
    3) I suggest that you start by installing Linux Lite. It is simple(r), lightweight and has good documentation.

    The hardware requirements are here

  • P4Ideas
    P4Ideas Posts: 4

    Thank you very much in replying Arochester and in your suggestion. Thanks too, in saving me time looking for something, that I was affraid doesn't exist. Although still can't understand why. But I suppose there is a reason. But looking at your kind reply and suggestion. Whilst all looked very possible with Linux Lite, as my system is well beyond in meeting the requirements. Unfortunately that was, until 64bits Operating System, unfortunately only having 32 bit. But searching further in your link, have found that Linux Lite 3.8 maybe for 32bit. Is this correct, will this still have the startup tray I'm familier with windows and reasonable graphixs. I am already using LibreOffice 5.3 and have been using that and it's predecessors for quite some time. Considering it looks as if I can't install Linux Lite 4.0 but maybe can the 3.8, is this still the best option? I have Intel pentium Dual CPU 13200, 2Ghz, 2GB Ram and substantial hard drives.

  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 364

    Linux Lite 3.8 will still be good.
    You will still have a system tray and reasonable graphics.
    If you can and if you want to, look at increasing the amount of RAM you have - although sometimes older memory costs more than new.

  • P4Ideas
    P4Ideas Posts: 4

    Thank you Arochester.
    I will look into loading 3.8. Yes I agree, good idea, have increased RAM with my previous laptop, extended PII and Windows 98,, yes you read that right :smile: to handling things for 12 years or more on a pico laptop well beyond 2011, before the screen hinges gave up. Now that was a stable system and a good workhorse. So some extra RAM will help, whilst searching for some new tech. Such a shame Maplin has closed, so will have to search out a new reliable supplier.

  • I second arochester's answer. LinuxLite is what you seek.
    And hanging on to software/tech that still serves your needs is a good thing.


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