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LFS201 course corrections: using encrypted volumes

In 22.6.b, the command to open a LUKS encrypted volume is:

On Debian 9, it gave me a syntax error:

Command requires device and mapped name as arguments.

I think the command should be:

sudo cryptsetup --verbose luksOpen /dev/sda7 SECRET

In 22.7, the content of the /etc/crypttab is wrong:

It should be:

SECRET /dev/sda7


  • Hi dr4Ke,

    I'll do a test on Debian 9 and I'll let you know my findings.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    yes, completely correct on both Debian 9 and CentOS 7. I'm too busy to verify on Ubuntu 18.04 say. But I will fix the course but unfortunately this will not show until next course release

  • Hi dr4Ke and Coop,

    dr4k3, You were right, I did a test on Debian 9 and after confirmed the first item you noted (missed ), and I had a little trouble because I had to rescue the system. And yes to the second item as well, it has to be te device itself.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    Yes, I already said I verified and fixed. You do not have to "rescue the system" The error just slows down the boot process, there is a built in timeout (I found it to be less than 2 minutes) before it gives up trying to mount the inaccessible volume.. Then you can fix things.

  • Hi Coop, I saw it. I think I experienced a different error than you, because the distro won't boot even in five minutes.


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    maybe it was longer. I might have just went and had lunch :) I've seen this error many times, it occurs when a filesystem cannot be found at boot. I'm sure there is a field that can be put in /etc/fstab to tell it not to try so hard :) I've done it

  • Well, it looks you were a step ahead ;)

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