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4.3: More Complex Deployment

  1. Verify the shopping cart is exposing a web page.

I had to create firewall rule in the gcp instance to see shoppingcart webpage using externalip:30001
Please confirm this step is required as this is not mentioned in the lap document. Thanks.
front-end Ingress tcp:30001


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,163

    When building a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud, it may require a firewall rule to enable traffic from/to outside of the cluster. A similar approach when working with VirtualBox or VMware is to enable all traffic to the VM instances.
    Depending on the node's OS distribution, a firewall may also be enabled by default at the OS level, in which case it needs to be disabled - for the purpose of these labs, but not as best practice, and not recommended for prod.


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