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LFCS exam on Ubuntu. firewalld or ufw?

Ubuntu by default include/support ufw, while the preparation course focus on firewalld.

Is there direction on this for the exam?


  • fcioanca
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    edited August 2018

    Hi jengel, it is innapropriate to discuss exam topics in this forum. Please refer to the LCFS documentation and domains. For any other questions related to the exam, you can send an email to [email protected]. This forum is meant for discussions related to LFS201.

  • jengel
    jengel Posts: 41

    Thank you for the reply and noted.

    I always thought the two is very related as it is being marketed and sold as such. I was not trying to solicit questions.
    On some topics it would seem to go the way the course direct us may take some effort and risk of breaking the exam computer if we try to it as per the course.

    I'll email the question.

  • coop
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    To elaborate, we cannot answer a question if we do not know the answer on the one hand, and on the other we cannot discuss the contents of the exam as it exists -- this of course is mostly directed at students who take the exam and then violate their confidentiality agreement. If you haven't taken the exam and you ask what is on it you have not exactly broken an agreement, but anyone who answers does.
    The firewall choices have been extensively discussed on this list many times. We chose to do firewalld in LFS201 and iptables as well in LFS211 based on the amount of time required to cover and the complexity. iptables requires quite a bit of detail to get right, although it is not intrinsically difficult. firewalld is gentler to start using. Utilities like ufw are more distro-specific (it is not available on RHEL/CentOS for example) so we avoid it -- that's no guarantee it would not be on a Ubuntu test and if you are going to
    be doing such systems on a day job learn it, but we are not going to cover it in LFS201.

  • jengel
    jengel Posts: 41

    Thank you for the further clarification, I'll make sure then to do ufw as well.

  • I'm on the same situation. Will i get an answer from this mail [email protected]?
    Or just learn both firewalld and ufw? I can spend the Saturday on firewalld and Sunday on ufw.

  • I found the answer on the main site. I can't edit my previous post.
    Thank you all.


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