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LFS263 image for Openstack installation

jnavalijnavali Posts: 12
edited August 2018 in LFS263 Class Forum

Is it possible to provide a qcow2 image to run this ONAP distribution on private Openstack VM?
The Google cloud solution is just too expensive to experiment and work through these lab exercises.


  • akapadiaakapadia Posts: 21

    It is not available for Amsterdam. It might be available for Beijing... stay tuned.

  • jnavalijnavali Posts: 12

    Thanks Amar!
    I think this is much needed to enable rapid experimentation under open source environments.
    I highly anticipate and waiting to see a working ONAP Beijing release on Openstack.

  • jnavalijnavali Posts: 12

    Hi Amar/Aarna team,
    I saw a note about Beijing release being available on GCE.
    Any update on providing this Beijing image for use on Openstack?
    This would really help the experimentation in environments relevant to service providers.

  • emaye135emaye135 Posts: 7
    edited January 5


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 804

    @emaye135 If you are in need of assistance, you need to clearly specify what the issue encountered is, otherwise the course moderators do not know what kind of support you need. The course has been updated several times since this thread was opened, and is using ONAP Dublin image.

  • Hi Jay,

    Please note that the Dublin image is available only over GCP and we do not distribute QCOW2 file for this course.


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