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Logging in as Root Security

timmyhen Posts: 2
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I'm relatively new to Linux and have since learned that logging in as root user is a considerable security threat. Could someone explain as to why? I have Linux installed as a dual-boot partition besides Windows 7. While I was logged in as root I did some searching for backgrounds and such on the internet and realized that without security setup on the system, that this could possibly compromise my system? I'm used to Windows and worrying about virus', so I'm not sure what to expect lol


  • saqman2060
    Think of root as administrator on windows. You have the right to do anything on your system. Crackers and viruses love this because a user's account is not limited on what they can do on their system. They don't need permission to change things. That is why you never login as root. Your entire system is open to compromise. Does this make sense?
  • timmyhen
    Absolutely. How likely is picking up a virus through the internet going danger to your system?
  • saqman2060
    It is likely for malware to infect your system. No OS is bullet proof. Does not matter what system you use. Linux can get compromised but compromising a Linux system is more difficult. Linux is a shape shifter. It comes in many forms, has is own ecosystem of software and system operations.

    Please do not think you are untouchable. If something is well known, highly used, it will create a large audience. Crackers go after systems of profit value and bragging rights. Be very diligent with what you let run on your system.

    Have a look at this site for a general understanding of the security benefits in Linux.



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