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ftdi_sio ttyUSB0: use of SPD flags is deprecated

SebaHojka Posts: 1
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I'm trying to use VAG-COM diagnostic program and interface on Linux Mint 19. I've installed VAG-COM by wine without any problems. Next I added me to Dialout group to access ttyUSB0. Then I started VAG-COM, created a symlink /dev/ttyUSB0 <-- .../dosdevices/com1. First connection test is OK. No problems. But next test I get an error with connection. On dmesg i found this:

[80516.709838] ftdi_sio ttyUSB0: use of SPD flags is deprecated

Any help with this? This problem is propably caused of VAG-COM trying to do Slow Init of ISO9141 (cars diagnostics protocol common used in VAG cars). Slow init using very slow baudrate. SPD flag is for custom baud rate, isn't it? Only thing that helps is disconnect device, close VAG-COM, connect interface again, run VAG-COM, and again make symlink. After this i can do connection test only one time again.

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