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Linux on Chromebook


I just got linux for my samsung chromebook, I used Croutun with the interface xfce. However, when I turn off the device and turn it on I enter a factory reseted device and have to redo the whole process. I'm I doing something wrong or do I have to redo everything every single time?


  • saqman2060
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    I have never installed Linux on a chromebook. Never had a chromebook. Not yet however :-) Here are a few sites that demonstrates how to install Linux on a chromebook. Perhaps there is something in these tutorials that can help you.

    Installing Linux in a chromebook using croutun

    How to install ubuntu Linux on your chromebook

    This might be interesting for you to read. I learned that if you enable OS verification(disabling developer mode), you will reset your chromebook erasing what you previously did.

    Removing Crouton and Restoring Your Chromebook
    "If you decide you’re done with Linux, you can easily get rid of the scary boot screen and get your internal storage space back.

    Just reboot your Chromebook normally to get back to the scary warning screen at boot-up. Follow the prompts on your screen (tap the Space bar and then press Enter) to disable Developer Mode. When you disable Developer Mode, your Chromebook will clean everything up, restoring you to a clean, safe locked-down Chrome OS system and overwriting all the changes you’ve made to your Chromebook’s software." (HowToGeek)

    Enable developer mode
    "In order to install your own operating system on Chromebooks, you have to enable the developer mode. It’s extremely easy to do and is very well documented by Google. The latest Chromebooks use a combination of keys to enter the developer mode, whereas older devices have a physical switch. Different devices have different locations for the switch, so please Google your device to find the location of the switch and flip it. If you are on the latest Chromebook then you can enable the developer mode by holding Esc + Refresh keys and then push the ‘power’ button. The recovery screen will show a scary warning. Just ignore it and let Chrome OS wipe your data. The process can take up to 15 minutes, so don’t turn off your Chromebook.

    Also keep in mind that once Chrome OS is reinstalled you will continue to see this warning every time you boot your system, as long as the developer mode is enabled. However, it won’t wipe the data every time. You can simply hit Ctrl+d to quickly boot into Chrome OS (don’t do it this time while Chrome OS is preparing your system for developer mode)." (Swapnil Bhartiya)
  • mfillpot
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    It sounds like you are running it from the installation medium rather than completing the installation. Can you confirm if you had indeed completed the installation process?
  • trey
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    Press ctrl d or wait 30 seconds
  • dr.abdallahzaky
    linux can only install in intel precessor you canot install it in arm preocessor


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