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Mult- media breakdown



I've been all over the linux/ubuntu forums searching for a fix and as of today, have met little more than ridicule and complete incompetence. I truly hope I've come to the right forum.(?) I have an HP2000-210 laptop w/ an integrated webcam. Since installing Linuxmint17 cinnamon-64bit, cheese, guvcview and VLC fail to operate cam. As per suggestion, today I tried operating cam via "Cheese" from the live/install disc. With Cheese, the cam opened almost immediately, performed from about a minute, then screen went black and "readout" of THERE WAS AN ERROR PLYING VIDEO FROM THE WEBCAM. When I try to operate cam within the installed LM17 (using Cheese) the cam would operate for 7-20 secs. then blackscreen and readout "No Device Found" (???).

So, here's what we know! 1. The webcam does work!!! 2. Cheese can and does recognize the webcam; albeit for a limited time. 3.IMO, the problem is with the software, not the hardware. I should add that neither guvcview nor VLC will "open" the webcam. This problem did not occur when I was running Ubuntu 12.04. With camera failure, I also have failure of SoundJuicer to rip more than 3-4 rips when it, too, goes buggy and fails/crashes. I've been run ragged posting all kinds of 'readouts" for this and that, none of which has lead to anyone offering the solution. In fact, I'm gonna state that I feel I've been lead around by-the-nose from a bunch a 'wannabees". PLEASE: With all due respect, please DO NOT respond unless you actually know what you're doing and/or talking about.(If you want to screw around with a comp/O.S., screw around with yours!)

[HP2000-210~HP VGA integrated webcam~LM17 cinnamon 64bit~3Gb RAM~80Gb Hdd]




  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I am not going to try to go through all of the steps to try to resolve your issue or state I know exactly what will resolve this issue, however based upon your input it sounds like the driver for the device in the kernel may have changed between releases and introduced bugs that are effecting your hardware.

    If you agree then it would be best to submit the issue as a bug to the ubuntu developers by following the instructions at help.ubuntu.com, after they receive and review your inquiry they can assign it to one of their kernel developers to further research the issue and hopefully fix it for all effected users.
  • 69Rixter
    REPLY To; mfillpot: Moderator:

    Forgive me if I've misspelled your screen name. It's so hard to read, even with my 'eyes" on. THANK YOU for your reply and advice. By far, this is the most sound, logical reply I've received. I'd need to read up and find out just "how-to" post a bug report properly. I'd like to mention that in the UBUNTU bug reports, I did come across a post that was very similar to mine...i.e. the same problems my laptop is experiencing. Been trying to find it again, for I wanted to see if there had been any new developments, but as yet, I haven't. Most of all, I appreciate your candor. So many folks that have replied are, well, IMO, self-serving 'blowhards". I'll take your advice and hopefully, it will be resolved in a positive manner. Should you have any other advice/directions you feel would be of benefit to this post/my laptops problems, I'd certainly be willing to "listen".
  • 69Rixter
    ADDENDUM to "mfillpot :Moderator"

    I got to this site: https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/docs/lkml/reporting-bugs.html Went to 6th paragraph; ran commands and ended up with this: rick@rick-HP-2000-Notebook-PC ~ $ ver_linux
    ver_linux: command not found
    rick@rick-HP-2000-Notebook-PC ~ $ scripts/ver_linux
    bash: scripts/ver_linux: No such file or directory
    rick@rick-HP-2000-Notebook-PC ~ $ sh scripts/ver_linux
    sh: 0: Can't open scripts/ver_linux

    Well, do not know how to proceed from there, since, according to the site, this is vital/requested information. Any suggestions?
  • 69Rixter
    Evening to: fred taiseer:

    Sir, Thank You for replying. I apologize for I should have closed this thread. I finally found the answer awhile back. The MoBo was "bad"!! I appreciate your response.
  • 69Rixter

    THIS THREAD IS CLOSED!!!, The answer to the laptop's problems stemmed from a failing/failed MoBo. I apologize for this thread should have been closed about 4 months ago.


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