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Cent07 pre-built-image error under VirtualBox in Windows

mo79uk Posts: 42
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When I boot into the pre-built .vmdk of CentOS 7 in VirtualBox I get the error: 

error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'.
Entering rescue mode...

Any suggestions on how to remedy this or should I just use VMware Player? I'm not having issues with other VMs I've manually made in VirtualBox, but if I can save steps not doing a manual install that would be good. Thanks.


  • mo79uk
    mo79uk Posts: 42

    Installed CentOS manually as a VM, so it's all good.

    Have to point out that ready-for.sh doesn't setup sudo on that, you have to do that yourself first.

  • Hi,

    It looks like the image file was corrupted or something like that, as grub was not properly installed. Anyway, it's good to know that you were able to get the distro installed, so you can start doing the labs.

    Enjoy it, regards.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 913
    edited August 2018

    the problem was 7zip was unable to unzip the file as it did not follow the standards.  (linux users have had no trouble with the file.)  The 4.16 VM's in the same location are just fine, and the 4.18 VMs will be out in about a week will be using .xz compression which also works fine with 7zip.  We apologize for this, we did not test thoroughly whether windows decompression programs were functioning properly, because they do on small files but not on these.


    Glad you were able to solve on your own.

  • mo79uk
    mo79uk Posts: 42
    Ah, good to know! Explains the error 7Zip gave which I thought was benign as the files had extracted.


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