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Have WordPress (or Apache) read a link in a file and use it as a link on a page?


The subject describes the matter, I think. Using an API, I'm provided a link that changes often, that I need to serve in my WordPress blog. I can easily cron a wget to get me the file. The question is how I use the link contained in that file as a link that will autoupdate in WordPress?

If you don't know how to do it in WordPress, but you do in Apache, that might get me closer.

Very appreciated!


  • saqman2060
    You are hosting your own wordpress blog located on a web server made using apache, I think?

    Or, you have a website (wordpress), or a website sitting on a web server (apache)?

    You have an API that you implement in the the blog or website that fetches a link to a file.

    That file can be downloaded. There is another link in that file that changes automatically. You want that link applied to your blog which updates itself automatically. This is how I am interpreting your question. I could be wrong.

    The title of this post says, pull a link from a file that has another link and embed that link in your site. Again, I could be wrong.

    I am sure there is a script that you can use within HTML to perform this kind of action. I here javascript is in constant use. First we need to be clear on what you are asking.


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