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NVIDIA graphic cards 850m on ASUS N750JK with Ubuntu 14.10

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Anybody knows how to install NVIDIA graphic cards 850m on ASUS N750JK with Ubuntu 14.10? In sudo lshw I got this information: *-display UNCLAIMED description: 3D controller product: GM107M [GeForce GTX 850M] vendor: NVIDIA Corporation. Currently this graphic card is used Intel® Haswell Mobile (found it About this Computer). Thanks in advance.


  • pax
    pax Posts: 6
    edited December 2014
    Hi there,

    You can easily install the nvidia drivers for this card by downloading the driver directly to the nvidia website


    For install the driver, it's very simple, make sure you got the source of your kernel (sorry I don't know how to do it on Ubuntu), uninstall any previous nvidia driver downloaded by your package manager (by apt-get for ubuntu)

    You must kill X for install those drivers, once your X interface is down, run as root the the .bin downloaded previously on nvidia website.

    Your card support the driver 337.12, the actual stable driver is 337.25, for sure ubuntu got this version or higher directly to the package manager, maybe you should install it first by apt, if the driver do not work, then try by installing the driver by my method.

    There is also an open source driver for the nvidia :


    But unfortunately for now, the FPS with this driver will not use "full capacity" of your nvidia card, meaning that you will get a low fps and low hardware acceleration.


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