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I am looking for a distro ubuntu derived but simple like elementary, no plank but docky and no slingshot but slingscold or could I remove slingshot and plank and install slingscold and docky in elementary?

The thing is that I love Ubuntu and Ubuntu themes like the Bar Colors and the Buttons to the left and layout but Ubuntu is simply over bloated with software that we don't need I wish Ubuntu will make a product clean of all the apps they normally add and something so simple as Slingscold and Docky

I would love to see the ubuntu Logo on the top left corner of my screen and to click on it and see all my apps there,my apps not the ones that ubuntu ships with.

But I guess Canonical does not care :(


  • saqman2060
    One thing you need to know, vendors of commercial systems try to do the thinking for you. Windows, MacOSX and Ubuntu are such vendors. For Ubuntu, you will have to remove all the apps that you don't want and install your own.

    If the apps are available you can install them from the software-center program, download them from the Internet or compile them from source. The source will end in .tar.xxx.

    If you want to choose what apps you want, use a system similar to Archlinux or slackware. A simple that allows you to choose the programs you want to install. In fact Ubuntu based systems do have an option during the installation that allows you to manually install apps of your choosing. This does not compare to the previous two.

    In your situation, either see if there is a Ubuntu distro that has what you need, manually remove what you don't want or choose a Ubuntu flavor distro like xubuntu or lubuntu that don't have such a bloated system and make your modifications there. Just make sure you do not remove what might be important.

    If you are looking for an elementary Ubuntu system, choose Ubuntu elementary which is the actual name.
  • saqman2060
    You can also use a Ubuntu server distro, enable the required repositories, and install a window manager. These managers allow you to operate your system using graphical windows. They only use apps previously install on your system and a few they provide. They are not much so won't get in the wat. Look at windows managers fluxbox, openbox, awesome, or it.


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