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Early access to wifi or bluetooth

Hi everyone,

Does anyone in the community know of a way to enable either wifi or bluetooth (or both, why not) before a user logs in (in graphical mode)?

I am trying to implement a mechanism that uses a second device to send the credentials to the computer and does the authentication that way, but I need to find a way for the second device to be able to communicate with the first one.

Any, insights on the security implications are also welcome.

Thanks for your help!


  • dmc
    dmc Posts: 3
    Also, if it were at all possible, what would the differences be using init, upstart and systemd?
  • I am not sure I understand you. What kind of mechanism did you have in mind. This sound like it fall under the category of an active directory. The active directory handles all network and computer accesses.

    Have a look into LAMP servers and Linux active directory. You will find hints there.
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth are system services that are enabled by default before a user logs in. You disable them via the unit.d directory or through the GUI from startup programs.
  • dmc
    dmc Posts: 3
    Sorry, the notifications for your messages had been sent to my spam folder.
    Thanks for your replies. I am not trying to do anything that complicated... not yet anyway. I just want to have wifi enabled so the pc and phone can talk to each other and the phone can then send the login credentials to the pc using that channel without the user needing to type anything.
    Does it make more sense now?


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