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Wireless on HP dv8 is not working on Ubuntu 14Lts


I have a hp pavilion dv8000 and just recently dual-booted the computer to run windows 7 and Ubuntu. I am having issues with the wireless adapter and when going on to software and updates it says that the Broadcom Corporation: Broadcom 802.11b/gWLAN is not working. This is my first time using Ubuntu.(The version i have is the is 14 LTS) I also can't get through with the ethernet cable as well so I have no other means to connect to the Internet. I tried uninstalling the driver but it keeps saying that there is no such file. I don't know what else to try to get the wireless to work. Please help. Thanks


  • saqman2060
    We need to know what model your wireless driver is and the Ethernet driver. Linux does support most wireless adaptors and just about all Ethernet drivers. It is not uncommon to hear some don't work. In that case, you mat have to install the driver issued by the manufacture if one is available for linux.

    If you can, open a terminal, and type #sudo lshw and locate the Ethernet and wireless adaptors. Or better yet, print the entire output on this thread. We will scan to find those devices and determine if they are supported.

    For the Ethernet controller, make sure the cable is securely connected. Check to see if lights come on. Make sure the cable is properly connected to your router.

    You can run these commands.

    This will tell you if your Ethernet adaptor has been detected. If so, your Ethernet adaptor has been detected just not connected.

    #sudo ifdown eth0
    This will remove any settings the adaptor has.

    #sudo ifup etho
    This will re-establish the connection.

    Lot to do but trouble shooting is an art


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