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Assistance required to create large .img for drivedroid

Xeon125C Posts: 1
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I am having problems creating .img larger than ~4 GB for drivedroid and I would like to be able to generate 8GB .img file for use under drivedroid. The problem is I do not know where to start with this seeing as I do not have the knowledge or resource to accomplish this task. It would be great to finally make flash drive/CDs completely obsolete, but alas no.

Additional details

I am a Windows 7 user that has plenty of experience with computer. I would like to be able to run linux from USB using Android phone without resorting to cloud drive or having to use small amount of space.


  • saqman2060
    If I may gather more information. Can you give use more information in the ISO. Are you creating an ISO from an already installed Linux system, if so what kind?

    Is this ISO being created from scratch? What programs or files are you using? What files are you using and where are you getting them from?

    Can you provide us with links to drivedroid?


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