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Dual boot or not to dual boot??


Hi All I am hoping that someone can lead me through a installation. At the moment I am running Windows 8.1 64bit but wish to run Zorin 9 Ultimate64 bit. If I give you a little history perhaps you will understand. I have had Zorin dual booted with W 8.1 but was having difficulties with PC crashing so after shutting down the PC whilst I was on holiday for two weeks on return I attempted to boot my trusty old PC and it refused to fire up, it was old 8 years so to some extent I was not surprised as had run 24/7 crunching for WCG. I have now built a new PC here are the details:-

Processor: AMD FX 3.8 Ghz

RAM: 8 Gig Kingston DDR3 1333MHz single stick

Motherboard: Asus 2048

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT640

C drive: 2 TB desktop SSHD Seagate

D drive: 2 TB Toshiba HD

The question I ask do I dual boot Zorin or do I install Zorin on the D drive and if so how do I do that as the boot drive is the C drive. All help gratefully received.


  • Akdom
    Akdom Posts: 5
    If you cannot get rid of Windows, I would say to make a simple dual boot, no headache.
    Install both of them on your main hard drive, and put all your data on your second hdd (or a separate partition on your main hard drive) in ntfs or fat filesystem, for windows compatibility.

    Make sure your Linux OS support read/wrtie capability with ntfs prior of doind that (some of linux's distro may have trouble with ntfs out of the box).

    Hope this helped you a little :), good luck

    BTW, nice CPU ;)
  • bootneck02
    Thanks for the reply Veritas Vos Liberabit I will follow your advice and let you know how I get on.


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