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Best linux distribution Open University compatibility needed. Laptop useless at mo

harassedstudent Posts: 2
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Hi, I know how annoying it can be for people to ask questions without reading posts but my course has already started and I need to be sure that any installations I make are compatible. I have an Samsung n150 plus. It runs so slow that it's really frustrating to work with but I can't afford a new laptop. Specs are below. Is there a linux distribution that will enable my aging laptop to run at a decent speed? Fastest possible please. The catch is I need a distribution that is compatible with Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, only lists options for MAC and Windows is there a way for me to use while running linux?

I can find my way around a computer. I have clean installed windows so many times to eek out tiny performance improvements but it's got to the point where this no longer makes a difference. I would like a distribution as close to windows as possible though to make the transition smooth. I brought an acer aspire one before this but for all my determination to teach myself, me and the command shell did not get on and I could never find my downloads! So can I have my cake and eat it too?

I use firefox, openoffice, and calibre already so no issues there.



Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz 1.67GHZ

RAM: 1.00 GB

System type: 32-bit operating system

Hard drive: 148GB


Thanks in advance for anyone who can stand to answer newbie questions.


  • arochester
    1) The Samsung N150 Plus has a standard memory of 1Gb. It can be increased to 2Gb maximum. Can you afford to do that? http://www.samsung.com/us/support/faq/FAQ00032169/69610/NP-N135-KA01US

    2) Linux can LOOK LIKE Windows. But at the end of the day it is Linux and not Windows. There is a learning curve. Do you want that just now, at the moment.

    One distro which particularly mimics the LOOK of Windows is Zorin OS. You might be better with Zorin Lite. http://zorin-os.com/free.html

    3) Blackboard Collaborate does have a Linux version BUT (BUT, BUT) it is for the 64 bit version of Ubuntu. http://collaborate.tlc.aston.ac.uk/help-support/system-requirements/

    4) "I could never find my downloads!" Usually in your Home directory, normally in a folder called "Downloads"...
  • harassedstudent
    Thanks for your reply. I'm aware I can upgrade but my dexterity isn't very good so thought I'd see if linux improved things enough.

    I have seen zorin, which is what made me think that the switch to linux might be worth a go, however looking for a light distro, just been looking at peppermint, any good? I'm not necessarily after a windows lookalike but I do want the folder systems to work the same way. While I'm sure it is very easy if you know how I'm the most computer literate in my household and would prefer to leave the command line alone for now.

    Any way to run blackboard on 32 bit without it being complicated. Kinda hoping there was a distro that had compatibility or a program I could download to make it work. Like I said I'd like to eat my cake if possible.
  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368
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    "Any way to run blackboard on 32 bit without it being complicated. "

    I think you need a 64 bit LiveCD just to try it.

    I used to have a Dell Vostro A100 with an Atom processor. It had a single core, not a dual core, ---and it ran 64 bit linux.

    According to Wikipedia the Atom N46xx is single core and has Intel 64 if enabled.


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