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Arch Linux in Virtual Box

Ok; I have read the Wiki, watched multiple youtube videos and attempted to do a virtual install so many times I can't count that high. I can do it on my 32bit laptop but for some reason I can't get it done on my 64bit desktop. I am running with a Asus Rampage IV Extreme mobo (UEFI), and for some reason no matter what youtube video I watch I can't seem to get a clean install. there is always a problem. Has anyone on here ran into this problem? If so can you assist me with this?




  • What exactly are you trying to install, an OS through a virtual machine or the virtual machine itself?

    What virtual machine are you trying to install, virtualbox or other?

    What version of Linux are you using?

    give us this information, and we can further assist you.

    Also, what error messages are you getting?
  • Although it has been said that being new to Linux Arch is not the first choice but it was mines. I already have Virtualbox Oracle and I am trying to install it in there so I can learn it.
    Arch Linux (latest version)
    The error message I didn't write it down; I will attempt to install it again.

    Thank you,

  • saqman2060
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    If you get any error messages, write everything you see plus your previous steps and copy them here.

    With Linux, the choice is up to the user. You pick whatever you feel comfortable with. From there you can begin your journey into the GNU/Linux realm.
  • Is it possible you can give us the version number of arch linux and the site you downloaded it from?

    I would like attempt an install of this system on my virtualbox. The idea is to see what you see and what errors could occur.
  • I am using the archlinux-2014.10.1-dual
    I am following the instruction on Youtube; but when he checks to see if all of the partitions are mounted I am missing sda1-3.
  • When I'm on root@archiso # ls; I don't see any of the filing system files. Just Boot / Home.
  • Interesting.

    Give me the YouTube link so I can have a look at.

    In the meantime, I am going to download that ISO file and examine the installation process.

    Try not to rely on YouTube videos. It is best to read the archlinux wiki. It gives better instructions on installation.
  • I also noticed you are using the root account. You did not create a user account.
    In the shell type: cd /

    This should to the beginning of the file system which is the root directory. Then use "ls" and tell me what is listed
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    By default, Arch does not setup user accounts. The user must set them themselves and I advise against using videos as tutorial for potentially complicated actions. The wiki provides more than enough information to complete your required action.

    Last weekend, I performed successful installations of Arch 32-bit and 64-bit in virtualbox using the instructions on the wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/installation_guide) and had no issues.

    It looks like you missed the step in the wiki installation page labeled "Mount the partitions". If you in fact pre-mounted them under /mnt before running genfstab then, they should be picked up.

    If the genfstab did not work correctly, then it is easy enough to correct the mount points during installation by manually modifying the fstab file.
  • I don't remember the site I got it from; I've had it a while now..
  • What mfillpot is saying is true. Archlinux does not setup a user account by default. That is done by you.

    Read the man page about fstab or look online for documentation. Preferably, the archlinux documentation. Once you understand it, you will be able to fix most mount point issues.

    Try not to rely too much on YouTube videos as they are only demonstrations of other user's know-how, especially when new to Linux.

    Have a look at these sites.



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