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What is the best linux ditribution ?


I see many distibutions like ubuntu, fedora... What is the best linux ditribution ?


  • "Best" is a subjective term. What is the "best" car? What is the "best" sports team? What is the "best" religion?

    The "best" for you is the one YOU like and which suits YOUR computer. That distro might not be the best for me.

  • adam14 wrote:
    I see many distibutions like ubuntu, fedora... What is the best linux ditribution ?

    It depends! The debate should be on which distribution is favored by the people.
    I have been using Red Hat since version 6. It's my favourite, so I'll say it's best.
  • Hi I am am a Windows user but at the moment dual booting with Zorin 9 64bit LTS. Zorin is Ubuntu based and is able to look like Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7 and Mac. I have found this is the distro for someone to convert from the cash cow of windows to Linux as it is the easiest for a ex Windows user to understand and it comes with lots of software. Good luck with your conversion to Linux which ever distro you end up with.
  • friTTe
    friTTe Posts: 19

    Agree with some earlier users, good community and good documentation

  • I have just converted from Microsoft Windows 10 to Linux Mint 17.2 64bit after trying both Robolinux and Zorin which as a silver surfer I found a little disconcerting as they were absolutely packed with so much software it became confusing. After much thought I have found that converting from Windows that Mint is the bees knees as it is so well supported by the Linux Mint Community so should have problems there is always someone out there who will be able to guide you in the right direction it is aesthetically it is very pleasing and easy to use.
  • My favorite one is Centos without graphical interface because I use it as a webserver. very stable and reliable. A friend is using Ubuntu as desktop computer for his everyday tasks.
    It's up to you which distro you will use depending on your needs and on your skills level.
    You can try few and make a decision after!
  • Drowy
    Drowy Posts: 3
    If i should ask myself what is the best distro i would automatically think about stability and ive used so many distros and all i can say is Arch linux or distros based on arch like manjaro,never had problems with it.


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