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Universal or generic driver location

jdurlewanger Posts: 1
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I am deploying a centralized print solution for my org. I need a generic or universal driver for mac sierra and high sierra so I can create a single print object to perform pull printing. I was able to get this completed for windows without issue. I can see there are options for generic drivers when I create new print objects within the OS but I cannot find the associated driver files. I can find the drivers for the named printers.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • grantbennetalder
    grantbennetalder Posts: 6
    edited October 2019

    I am not sure what you intended to deploy, and how far along you are, but CUPS is a mature and obvious solution to the Problem as stated. Originally named for Common Unix Printing System, it was eventually acquired by, and is built into MacOS. It IS the Spooler and Network-capable Printing system inside Macs. Macs are based on Darwin, a Unix-like kernel.

    All the Networking and universality is already done. You can use printer-specific drivers OR generic postscript Printer driver on the Macs, and Printer-specific drivers on the Server.

    the CUPS Interface is available by starting a web browser and entering localhost:631

    Drivers are generally provided by the Printer manufacturer, but forwarded to you by Apple when needed. They are added to the Print Queue on the server when the Print Queue is created. On a Mac, this is the Add-a-Printer dialog. In recent versions of macOS like the ones you named, if the Drivers are available, but missing, a group of similar Printer drivers will be downloaded to you when the Print Queue is created. The printer queues on the Server would be created as "Shared Printers", and then immediately become available across the Network through Bonjour.


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