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Best distro for QEMU or Xen for gaming?


Okay this may seem like a stupid question, but which would be a better distro from a non biased opinion?

Let me explain my issue.

I want to have a Windows 8 Virtual machine using Xen or QEMU (Which would you suggest?) so I can run windows apps and maybe even game with PCI Pass through, but I would like a recommendation on which distro you would suggest for me.

I am not the best with Linux but I have been on it for about a year now, I used arch but I want something that requires less maintenance on my part, but is still up to date.

I currently run OpenSUSE (I installed it last night) but I want to move due to the fact the sound does not work on here at all with my G1 Sniper M3, I was thinking maybe CentOS? I would prefer to avoid Ubuntu, and quite possibly Arch because I have had issues with them both for virtualisation in the past.

I would also like something that is minimal in terms of packages, I hate having stuff installed I don't need, leads to more security issues and more problems imo.

So what could you suggest for me?



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