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Hello Everyone!


I guess I could introduce myself. I'm a student with a passion for science and learning. Of course, computing turned into a major hobby for me and I'm really keen on learning new things.

I'm very much the newbie; I'm still learning most things to do with Linux and programming and computers in general. So if you have any cool facts or tips, let me know!


  • saqman2060
    Good job on selecting a career in computer science. That area will never get enough talent such as yours.

    If you are going to educate yourself in Linux, it is best to study for the Linux certification exams that will test your skills and certify you are a legitimate Linux professional.

    It is a prerequisite to already know how computers work. Since you seem to have an interest in that field, that part it covered. You want to look into A+ textbooks for computer knowledge.

    There are multiple programming languages for application development. You need to pick one that you will specialize in and one that will perform according to what you are trying to develop.

    www.linux.com has courses that will prepare you for the Linux certification exams. Go to your local book store and find books on computer A+ and books on your chosen programming language.

    A site that will give you materials to help you study for the Linux Exams

    Look at this site for information on institutes that offer linux CE exams.

    I recommend that you pick up some Beginner's guide to Linux Administration. Start your training now so your mind is programmed to think "Linux".


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