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Does a new install of Scientific Linux 6.4 have an evil claw..? Correct me if I'm mistaken...


This is very StRaNgE..?

I just DBAN'ed this hd, and installed Scientific Linux 6.4 plus half a gig of updates, in this old Dell Desktop.. then immediately jumped to installing all my favorite FireFox addons, including No-Script..

A couple hours later, I switched the machine on for the first time after the install.. Brought up Firefox.. The Scientific Linux tab came up in tabs bar, but I had deleted the Scientific Linux tab from the bookmarks bar the moment I set the bookmarks bar to be visible, under the view tab..

In the No-Script button tool bar I sees "allow file//?".. I had renamed "home file desktop icon" to "file"..

Why would Scientific Linux want to access my private files? Has Scientific Linux turned EVIL?..Or IS Linux being infiltrated by EVIL..?

If I hadn't installed No-Script and checked it, my files would have been set out on the Net for anyone to upload, if there had been any files..

When I deleted the Scientific Linux tab, a second time, from the Firefox bookmark bar, the "allow file" disappeared from the No-Script tool bar..

Just what is this bit of Linux evil all about..? I was of the impression that Linux was honest.. When did Linux slip into hell..? Is Linux slipping into hell..? Can we trust Linux..?

This bit of evil resembles the leak in UE 3.4, a few years ago...

Is there a better more secure Linux OS distro than Scientific Linux 6.4..? besides purchasing the RedHat top of the line OS...

I run SCL 6.4 because it works, and it's simple, basic, and clean.. All the newer versions are gaudy, problematic, and they insult and fight the user...


  • n01zii
    I could look into it a bit, but it could be because Scientific Linux uses a custom homepage or something of that sort. If it's trying to access files that are on the hard drive at all, it needs access to file:///.

    You never want to jump to conclusions too fast, but it's good to be cautious.


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