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Come on distributions, Linux needs to have more things ready out of the box for a lower level user

Jae Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Getting Started with Linux

If Linux is to take advantage of the masses gathering behind Android and steamOS, then it truly needs to make things easier for the moderate level user.

If someone wants to give a linux distribution a try, but is coming from windows or mac then the chances are they will have smart phones, tablets and other peripherals that they will wish to connect.

As an example, Lets say someone has an ipod or ipad. That person would reasonably expect that the distributions default media player would automatically recognise those devices. They would not expect to have to do research, discover the need for libgpod to be installed, then learn how to install git by way of having to learn how to install yum first. It should just have the libraries installed and not assume people know how to navigate with linux.

Or ... just make it elite and exclusive for techies and continue to moan that manufactureres aren't releasing drivers for the linuxverse.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I care about the success of open source and continue to get frustrated at how the lack of consideration for low to moderate technology level users will only slow and hurt the adoption rate of this excellent tech.


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