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Newbie looking For A Linux Distro To Dual Boot With Windows 8.1


Hi everyone I am new to Linux. I am looking for a distro to dual boot with Windows 8.1. Personally I am not fond with Windows 8.1 as a whole. While I don't hate it like a lot of people I am not pleased with the Metro side of Windows 8.1. I have been looking at dual booting it with a version of Linux but being new to all this its hard to know a good version of Linux. I have been looking at Ubuntu and Kubuntu the last few days. I have heard good things about Linux Mint as well but I want to stay within the Ubuntu OS.

I don't have any real requirments for software as this is for personal use such as web-browsing and general use. I have been playing around in VirtualBox with Ubuntu with the KDE Desktop installed but its laggy because my machine isn't exactly the best machine to run Virtual Machines on.

Any advice would be great as well as any other Linux recommendations


  • friTTe
    friTTe Posts: 19
    Well welcome and hi =D

    Tbh best thing is to download and make an bootable usb stick or burn an iso of Ubuntu
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