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Server Requirments


I guess Im an old guy. Been in networking since before it was digital. Ive been a Linux/Unix user for some time.. probably an advanced user. I have decided to step up my Linux knowledge. ..taking classes online and in the classroom starting with essentials. ..hoping to fill in some blanks.

I have searched the forums but couldnt find (possibly not using the correct keywords) anything provided suggestions for server hardware to be used in a home lab.

My intention it to get at least 2 (maybe 3) blade servers that will fit in my router/switch lab rack. Setup Nix services and connect to my stand alone network at first. Later possibly but it all on the web. I see alot of Dell Poweredges out on craigslist and ebay but unless Im mistaken the are x86 based processors.

So.. I supposed my question is : Whats is a reasonably prices blade server using x86-x64 or x64 architecture ?

Thanks for the heads up. Im sure Ill be back asking all kinds of nubi questions.



  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    My guess to research hardware companies that sell blade servers and compare prices. The minimal system requirement for any linux server, (one not using the X server) is a 533MHZ processor, 125MB of ram, and a 5GB hard drive. This can be built on your own.

    Decide also what services you plan on deploying on the network. Understand there resource requirement and performance and base your pricing on that.


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