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At wits end trying to switch over to Linux . . Help much appreciated!


Hello . . I've spent the last several hours, as a Linux newbie,

trying to install ubuntu or DSL on my FLASH DRIVE to try out.

I've tried different download sites for each. I'm on a Dell with 512meg RAM.

Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful & I'm not sure what to try next,

other than just living with XP (ugh!). (Irony of ironies -- I was fleeing windows

cuz I was tired of the runaround when things don't work!)

Softonic wanted me to install fifty other windows programs --

as I'm trying to switch to Linux!

Some other distro wanted me to unzip three files from the compressed download.

Then somehow connect a new driver in the system driver folder with VcdControlTool.

The instructions for VcdControlTool say,

"if you can select the option to "INSTALL DRIVER" then select it,

but that option is GREYED OUT.

Maybe from the FLASH DRIVE the system driver can't be accessed?

One other issue has been XP can't open an ISO file. Maybe I'll try Puppy next.

Any help anyone can offer is much appreciated.

Thank you.




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