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I'm checking my wifi security with BackTrack 5 gome and I am curious about the end results..


So I am a noob. Lets get that out of the way. A young kid here learning the ropes of, well just about everything. ha!

So I'm using Backtrack 5 in VMware and checking the security of my own wifi password. Really just for sh*ts n giggles. I am using this software because if was just about the easiest guid for me to follow. My question is, can I disconnect my wifi intenna from the computer im using for this after it has the handshake?

Im running the library now and it has about 32 million passwords in it. At the speed its going, it is going to take about 16 hours to finish.

So what I need to be able to understand is either it has the information it needs from the handshake and I can disconnect or I need to leave it connocted so the aircrack can keep gathering information?

I hope my language isn't too nooby for you to understand and I apologist in case I didnt use this forum correctly lol.


  • n01zii
    First of all, you might want to work on your grammar a bit haha, it's a bit hard to understand your post.

    What I've gathered, though:

    - You're running a dictionary attack against a router from your VM, which is running BackTrack 5
    - You're asking if you can unplug the WiFi antenna after it intercepts the handshake?

    I believe you can, as it's just running the crack against the stored handshake. If you have to, go for it, but be warned it might cause some errors at the end after Aircrack gets the correct info and tries to connect. Your best bet is to just leave it connected.


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