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Linux for PowerBook G4 10.4.9

fayenz Posts: 2
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I have this laptop sitting around doing nothing and doing the course from edX on Linux. Can someone please suggest what to put on to this old laptop



  • Because it is an old Laptop I would choose a small and fast operating system.
    Look up arch linux, lubuntu, or anything like that. Just search for "Linux fast and lightweight" and choose a distro suiting you the most.
    But watch out!: Most of the fast/lightweight distros come without any additional Software, so you have to setup them manually. Look for a distro for beginners, if youre not familiar with Linux.

  • fayenz
    fayenz Posts: 2
    Thanks Willy, I'll start looking this morning, I don't mind adding additional software later just as long as it works :-)


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