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I have questions about Linux before I install it as my OS


Hello Everyone

I have problems with hackers that have put remote administration, parental controls and remote desktop on my system to lock me out of my computer. They broke into my apartment and did this both physically and then use the remote programs. How easy is this to do with Linux?

Can I install Linux with out those programs and be sure that I can remove them if someone else installs them? I read Linux has a firewall so will this also prevent these problems? My administrative privileges have been removed and programs blocked with the parental guidance so I do not want any remote applications at all on my computer plus I do not want any server capabilities where others can use that to log into the computer.

Is this possible to do on Linux and will it be safer than windows?



  • willytheworm
    willytheworm Posts: 13
    edited July 2014
    1. They broke into your apartment!?! Have you called the police!?
    2. Its pretty easy to hack into a Windows System, as long as you do not have a Bios Password/Password on bootup/boot password. You can simply boot another os and access the windows hdd from it. There you can modify it... This can (of course) be done with Linux (e.g. as a life boot from usb/cdrom). If you had set a bios password, etc. They may have opened your Case and modified the motherboard (reset the bios).
    3. Indeed you can! If you are looking for a minimalistic os go for arch linux. It is basically just a linux os without any unessecary apps. You have to download them all on your own. If you are looking for sth more easy you can still pick up debian or ubuntu. They come with a few tools installed, but not with as many as windows. Also you can remove apps, just the way like you can remove them in windows. Boot from another os (if you dont have any privilegies).
    4. solution: If you do not have any administrative privilegies you could try to download an os (like a small linux distro) to a usb/cdrom (you may ask a friend to download it for you, if you cannot do it) and burn it to the usb (to burn the img/iso you can use a program like win32 disk imager). Then you simply boot from your usb/cdrom and format the hdd containing windows. After that you can reinstall windows or try another os. Maybe it would be enough to just boot from your windows cdrom (if your copy was not preinstalled) and select repair.
    Another solution would be to remove the programs yourself (without having to delete your os)- just boot from another os and delete programs there or go to your windows system32 directory and rename sethc.exe to sethc2.exe and rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe.
    If you then boot to your windows (at the enter password screen) press shift 5x and you will be presented with the command-prompt. You are now nt-authority and have administrative privilegies. Try to experiment with the cmd and google the functions you can do with it, to remove software/users from there.

    Excuse grammar mistakes =)
    I hope i got your question right and answered it.
    If you have any questions left, ask! :)

    Ps. If your question just was if linux is safer than windows -> no not really. Many people say it is but every os, no matter if it is linux or windows, has its downsides. But in my opinion Windows has more backdoors and is in general not as clear as linux (In linux you always know what you have installed (especially in arch linux), but in windows you get many application, that you dont know about or dont even want). I prefer linux as i have an overview about all my programs installed. It is clear structured and easy if you got into it. I would definetly recommend it - just try it... =)
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    willytheworm highlighted some pros and cons about linux and windows. Keep in mind. No OS, is immune to cracks. It is simply a matter of will-power. The reason you don't hear linux being readily cracked is because it is not generally used on the desktop and its security management system is more solid than windows.

    Honestly, I prefer to use Linux when browsing the Internet. Did you have a password set on your Windows box? Seemed very easy for the violators to gain access to your system. Do a little research and investigate all the programs you have on your system. If you want to solidify security, learn system and network security. Be very proactive when securing your system.
  • nitah
    nitah Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone
    I did learn security and have been reading. I am no expert. I did call the police and it is part of harassment by a religious group that believes gang stalking is proper to do to someone. I have a genuine problem with big amounts of people over a case where my friends daughter was raped and killed by some ministers.

    So they have cameras on me and they learned my password that way. I have parental control on my machine where they locked me out of it and limit what information I can see and things I can do. I know every operating system has holes in it but I have done this to windows so far.

    Disable all remote services that could be used to get into the system. Install a firewall and malware that can block ports and block program components. The symbol is the Eset symbol for their security and anti-virus which I have never put on my machine.

    I have actually deleted components and have them come back. Thank you for the Bios password as I did that before and had them change the passwords so I could not access the drive. I am looking for the best way to go where I can uninstall the programs as they do not show up in Windows where I can uninstall them.

    I need SKYPE, I write articles and books, emails and browsing and need to know the safest way to go about it and I had a friend mention Linux Mint to me. She liked Cinnamon the best so I have the installation disc being sent to me. If I can find the programs to uninstall them it is a big plus.

    I do not know command prompt and I might be able to take back my machine for a little while but I basically want something where I can find all the things installed, they can not block me from finding them or hide them somehow, and I bought some books to learn the commands since I did not learn them for windows 7.

    So as you mentioned you can find things with Linux. I do not know if a password is a benefit or not if they can lock me out with it. I want to be sure I install what I need so from what you mentioned about Arch Linux it is something you can just install components? Would Cinnamon be a good choice or is it with server capabilities where I can be connected to remotely.
  • willytheworm
    willytheworm Posts: 13
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    Cinnamon basically has no remote support (I think). But if sbd has access to it, he could download a remote desktop tool and enable it. Make sure this cannot happen, when you download Cinnamon. If you need to be extremely anonymous download tail os: https://tails.boum.org/
    and use tor to browse the internet.

    Ps. If your Cmd on your WIndows isnt disabled start it up and type these commands:
    net view -> this lets you see whos connected to your network
    netstat -> this shows the tcp connections (ips accessing your pc)
    tracert [ip] -> track the route of the ip
    nslookup [ip] -> show the name of the server ip is from
    if you found an ip accessing your pc, while it shouldnt, trace it til you get the provider and contact him (give him the ip hacking you, etc).

    PPs. If I would be you, I would strike back... =P But since you dont have knowledge about social engineering I would set up a honeypot and record the activities in your pc...

    Keep in mind, that it is very easy to see what you are surfing while youre surfing the internet. Make sure to run net view/stat or at least boot to linux, download wireshark and watch what is connected to your Pc. :)


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