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Easiest and good looking Linux distro to use ?

jfbourdeau Posts: 1
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I need to put Linux on an Old Acer Latop for a friend that is not good with computer. And his Windows make this laptop too slow


The easiest to use and good looking distro I found was EndlessOS but the way they do thing doesn't allow me to do a little tweak ( know bug but fixable in ubuntu) to fixe my Keyboard and touchPad not working one time out of 2. 

So I will probably go with a " more open " Ubuntu distro but if you have other suggestions of Debian or Ubuntu distro that are " modern and easy to use" your suggestions are welcome.

Elementary OS is good too but I would like somethine more modern/FLexible...

Will probably put Ubuntu Budgie on my friend laptop (as this is what I am using)





  • QQuandary.
    QQuandary. Posts: 1
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    I world suggest Lubuntu. It is designed for old computers in mind. I am planning to install it on the computer that is running windows XP. I really looking forward having a more stable system.


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