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In which ways can the BIOS/UEFI be influenced by Linux

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I have a weird problem with my Acer notebook: I can't enter the BIOS/UEFI anymore. When i hit F2 my screen just stays black with a white static underline i the upper left corner. I had the same problem before and Acer support could fix the issue by resetting the password and BIOS. Acer support says, it happend because their Laptops do not support Linux. Does it happen, that Linux or a an Application running under Linux changes the BIOS? It happend with two different distros, Deepin and Manjaro, in one case with a dualbootwith Windows.


  • Irenge
    Irenge Posts: 4

    hey, check before you buy any laptop. I always check if the laptop support Linux before purchasing it.

  • soheil.linux

    Bios and OS is two different things.
    It can't login to your bios
    If you want to see your notebook support Linux you can install windows then run Linux alive by flash memory or CD, etc.
    Also I checked, few years production of Acer notebook supports Linux.


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