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My official title is "Network Services Manager" for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library. In truth, I'm the IT guy... whether it's the desktop computers in the public labs, staff desktops, or the servers in the back room, I'm responsible for it all. That means about 500 computers, five public library branches, plus 46 school libraries where I'm just responsible for the school librarian's computers/printers... the school district is responsible for the student's computers.

We're running Windows 7 on the desktops with a couple specialized Windows servers, but mostly CentOS-based LINUX servers these days.

Been using UNIX/LINUX in various flavors for over 25 years.


Brig C. McCoy


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    Greetings, and welcome to the linux foundation community forum. We are looking forward to answer any questions you have have about Network services management and Linux. CentOS is a spinoff of Red Hat and I know it is serving your library's functions well.


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