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Need a guide for setting up a public mirror.


My employer has the bandwidth and hardware necessary to provide a public mirror for the community. While I can find distro-specific information on setting up a mirror for that distro, I'm having trouble finding anything on what I need to think about when setting up the public mirror itself.

I'm looking for guidance on how to set up http/https, ftp, rsync, and whatever else I should have available on this proposed public mirror. Hopefully under CentOS, but that I can be flexible about.

I'm mostly interested in best practices, hoping I don't miss something in creation of the public mirror.


Brig C. McCoy

Network Services Manager

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library


  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    Why are you setting up a public mirror? Is it for use on your local site or do you want to provide packages on an intranet and not rely on the Internet for package download?

    I have never setup a mirror but it is something to consider when you don't have the luxury of an Internet mirror. I use debian based systems.

    There is a HowTo guide for setting up mirrors on the debian site. Have a look at this documentation to get an understanding on how to setup a mirror.



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