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updates on a previously working laptop using debian jessie

rdwenrich Posts: 1

My question is can any updates on a laptop that was previously working fine cause the laptop to no longer start up. It started up fine and I was able to check for updates. I walked away for a few minutes and the laptop had a black screen. It appeared to be stuck in a sleep mode but would not wake. I forced it off with the on off button. After that would not start at all even from a Linux CD. I noticed in the previous updates before this problem that one of the updates was a firmware update which I believe I had to install to get my video correct on my dell inspiron 1501. The laptop was working great and I was loving Linux but now it is broke in a repair shop waiting for diagnosis. I am a little worried if I should still use Linux. Sorry for the long post.


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368
    Did it POST (Power-on self-test)? Did it make a bleep? Could you access the BIOS?

    If the answers to these questions are NO then it is likely to be a Hardware issue rather than Linux. Bits of computers don't last forever.


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