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Which distros run smoothly with the new Z97 motherboards?

PeteD Posts: 1

I hope to soon build a new system with only Linux, no Windows. I hope to be able to download Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and/or Debian to a flash drive and install to my SSD.

Will the Linux kernel enable installation to a Z97 board, or do I have to seek out drivers for each distro and board? Are the drivers ready or will I have to wait a few months?




  • anscamp
    anscamp Posts: 1
    Everything worked with http://www.mageia.org , I had been using linuxmint until I bought a Z97 mb. It mostly worked, except for the sound. I have not tinkered with drivers at all. Like you I was looking for something to work straight out of the gates. No doubt everyone will catch up soon.


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