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Help with Linux Zorin OS 8.1 Core, 64 bit.


I am trying to get Zorin to boot from the DVD. I have downloaded the 64 bit version. From two different sites. One I thought I burned to a DVD. As well as the other download. Neither of them would boot. So I downloaded one more time from Linux. I made two more copies and again neither DVD will boot. Once I get to the F12 boot window. I go to the DVD line and hit enter. The screen goes black, and then loads windows 7.

I am trying to open as many of the Distro's that I can, on Live CD. To check them out. I intend to install one at least on a separated stand alone hard drive. And not using the C drive. As this computer allows one to plug in two additional hard drives. I have gotten Mint to boot after trying a few times, as it did the same thing when I first tried to boot it.

Can anybody direct me in obtaining a good download. Downloading it and burning it to a CD. And having it boot properly. Thanks you.


  • cogier
    cogier Posts: 3
    Save the Zorin ISO to you Win 7 disk, make a note of where it is. Get the Mint disk to boot. Place a USB drive (2GB or bigger) in your computer. When booted open "USB Image writer". Click on "(None)" and you should see under devices something like "360 GB Volume" which is your Win 7 hard drive. You should be able to navigate to the Zorin ISO and select it. Select your USB drive from the "to" dropdown button then click on "Write". Once written you can then boot from the USB drive. You will find this much faster than using a DVD, I can install Mint 17 in 5 minutes with a USB 2 drive.


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