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why linux instead of windows 7?


hi guys, ok so my question is, why chose linux instead of win7?

ok so ive google it and readed some of the topics and the main reason is:


more secure/safe when thinking about virus and stuff.

more free software.

linux is free.


compatible drivers.

softwares is comfotable

easy to get around couse its probably the operat system you used most or only.

its more user friendly

games running comfortable

ive listed about some things good, and nothing negativ, but my question is...

why linux?

im about 19 years old, im using my computer to download movies and play game's for mostly,

and used windows all my life, so there is like nothing for me to worry about without one ting! <<<<<<<<VIRUS>>>>>>>>>>

so yes virus is a problem, but there are also virus on ubuntu, but not that much.

so linux have some compatible problems with videocards and network cards and some other hardware's,

and its also not compatible with alot of game's like teso or world of warcraft or oblivion, or the olds games, so why could i choose linux over win7?

the way i want to make this tread is mostly not for my self, but to find a good reasons why could people choose linux.

i know there is all kind of ways around the system, and a lot of different linux os.

but if you could get ur grandma or ur mommy to use this os, why could they choose it?

so this is the question i mean people could get read about, and see the negativ and posetiv sides about, so il let you come with some arguments now.

thanks you for answering and your compassion.


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368
    1) http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/

    2) More and more games are becoming available through Steam. Currently 500? http://store.steampowered.com/

    There have been a few available through Wine.

    Then there is PlayOnLinux

    Then there are commercial (as in PAY) programs such as Cedega.

    3) You don't need to have Windows 7 OR Linux. You can have Windows 7 AND Linux with Dual Booting. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!
  • mondrago2
    mondrago2 Posts: 4
    im running two operation on this laptop, but i was like thinking of bringing this for other people, why could they install linux, but switching betwin more operation system can be alot of stress and installing it virtual may use a lot of memory and process when you are gaming and listening to music at the same time, but its a good point you have there, you can install many games as the link you sended,

    but i was installing spotify, on my ubuntu, i guess its the same thing on mint?
    this world be hard way to add trusted repositories for my grandma or any other famelies that may not be that smart, if they world like to watch netflix or something.

    i installed netflix on ubuntu and it wasnt really that confortable at all, there was some lagging, and late picture. working fine in win7,

    but world games act like the netflix do, will it not be that compatible like it is in win7?


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