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Machine Temperature problem



I'm looking for a distro that works fine with my old HP Pavilion, basically that don't rise laptop's temperature to the sky!

Ubuntu 10.04 it was the last distro that worked quite good, but when I moved to 12.04 problems started.

At this time I have tested almost all the latest Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian Wheezy, CrunchBang (with Openbox and Xface) and Linux Mint Cinnamon and still get the same problem: laptop's temperature is always above 80° C (176° F) and when I use Google Chrome it gets worse, reaching temperatures above 95° C (203° F).

I think that the problem is based in a bad interaction between the Graphic Card and the Software.

Here you will find Hardware specifications of my machine http://bit.ly/SArRaP

Which other Linux distro Could I try to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!



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