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DNS Clients



I have a synology DS that I host my sites on. Every month I have to reset my dns which is dynamic, and I use freedns.org. I have noticed that you can get scripts that do this for you automatically.

Here is an example I am thinking of trying Example script

What my questions is: where would I put this script to be running all the time?

I have looked through it and think I can do this as it looks pretty basic.

The synology is a variant of linux:

> ls
bin initrd opt sbin var
dev lib proc sys var.defaults
etc lost+found root tmp volume1
etc.defaults mnt run usr

This is the system.



  • harv42
    harv42 Posts: 5
    edited June 2014
    Put it anywhere in $PATH (echo $PATH) ie /usr/local/ and call it with a cron job
    # run at 2:15pm on the first of every month
    15 14 1 * * $HOME/bin/monthly

    See man 5 crontab for more info.



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