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22.7 Mounting at Boot


In section 22.7, Mounting at Boot, it says to enter SECRET /dev/mapper/MYSECRET but according to the man 5 page for crypttab, I'm interpreting it as needing the first field to be /dev/mapper/MYSECRET and the second to be /dev/sdb7, or the underlying block device. 

It seems that both work so I was wondering what the difference was, if any.



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    From the crypttab(5) man page:


    The first field contains the name of the resulting encrypted block device; the device is set up at /dev/mapper/name.

    The second field contains a path to the underlying block device. If the block device contains a LUKS signature, it is opened as a LUKS encrypted partition; otherwise it is assumed to be a raw dm-crypt partition.


    So it's ok as it's shown in 22.7, as the _name_ of the encrypted block device goes first, and second the underlying block device.

    Note: BTW, I'm deleting the duplicated post.




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