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How do you search the Forum?

philipsmithnzphilipsmithnz Posts: 3
edited June 2018 in LFS201 Class Forum

How do you search the Forum?  And by keyword? Thanks


  • coopcoop Posts: 517

    Unfortunately there is no decent search method in the forum software at this time.  Which is a real weakness.  For that reason and others we are moving to new forum software very soon (within weeks) which I believe has that capability.

  • jengeljengel Posts: 41

    Is this still in the pipeline?


  • coopcoop Posts: 517
    edited August 2018

    yes.  Hopefully this week, you should erceive an announcement

  • Hi,

    It's working now! Enjoy it :)


  • jengeljengel Posts: 41

    indeed, thanks :)

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