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Never Used Linux Before Pls Tell Me Will This Work...?


Hi, I have never used Linux before and am considering it since I am one of the unlucky ones with a desktop pc that has Winxp that has of course expired! But here is the deal, I have a brand new iMac, and Parallels. I was trying to use Parallels on my mac to have a VM of Win8 (which I purchased online at Microsoft last night) only to find that the purchase is an .exe. and is not avail as an .iso so I can not do it!

The problem is we have an auto glass (our business) industry software that is required...but it requires Windows. So that is where Linux comes in...

Is Linux a Windows OS? Will it support my industry software called Mainstreet/Glass Avenue? See requirements Your text to link here...

If yes, can I then pay and download Linux as an .iso (or will I need that) to Parallels?

My end goal is to in fact no longer use my desktop pc...just my new iMac with Parallels on it...either Win8 or Linux.

Please Help!!

Thanks in advance


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368
    Is Linux a Windows OS?
    NO. Linux is not Windows. Windows is not Linux. That's like asking "Is OSX a Windows OS?" No, OSX is not Windows. Windows is not OSX.

    Have you looked at this?:
    How to create an .iso image from a Windows installation CD.
    - http://kb.parallels.com/4917


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