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Ubuntu keeps setting monitor to sleep mode

frog3764 Posts: 1

Greetings to the Group - My system is a dual boot with W7 and U 12.4. When in Windows my monitor is set to NEVER SLEEP OR TURN OFF which works fine, but in U 12.4 the monitor keeps going to sleep after several minutes. I've set the power settings in U 12.4 to NEVER TURN OFF, but the OS keeps shutting down the monitor. This is a very pain in the ass as when watching any video I have to constantly move the mouse to keep it from going to sleep. I want the monitor to STAY ON so I can run my own screensaver slide show too. I swapped monitors from my other pc which runs XP and it too is set to NEVER TURN OFF, but when I swapped to my W7/U12.4 the same problem is still there. So it's not the monitors, but something in U 12.4 that does this. I've posted this on the Ubuntu forums two times but a solution wasn't found. A couple of attachments are added here to show the settings I've made, but the monitor keeps "going to sleep" after a few minutes. I appreciate all input.




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