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Apache issue hosting a PHP application from IIS?

Noctis0791 Posts: 1
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Hi Guys,

We are starting to host our PHP website application in Amazon Web Services. The PHP website was originally hosted in IIS7 on our own server but we moved it now on an Amazon Linux instance. Okay, so the website is hosted now and its database is already linked to it. However, we are having this error when logging in to the website see image. But when we are using this http://54.193.xxx.xxx/tile/index.php?user_alias=Kmartin we are able to get in but most of the images don't load properly. Any idea?

I was able to speak with our developer and according to him we are using URL Rewrite rules in IIS before we move this site over to AWS. Do you think it has something to do with this? Please advise.

Thank You!



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