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Linux OS question

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OpenSUSE 13.1 Linux, 4-disks DVD Installation and Reference Set

Can I use this disk to write over windows 7 and xp?? I am so tired of microsoft. Do I have to format HD first? Or will this program do that for me? I don't want to dual boot with windows, I just want to use Linux as my OS.


  • weedlight
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    Backup first, your data is mandatory! This cheat-sheet isn't believed to be complete.

    I'm doing you a check-list:
    • DVD-R ready if not go to (1)
    • Boot your DVD disc using given boot order or boot key if not able please see end-note I
    • Follow installation steps and fill in the forms take care of end-note II
    • Restart computer you should either have boot manager menu or it's suppressed if something missing please consider end-note II

    [*] Download and burn your favourite distribution

    I Some systems may be locked either by BIOS password or UEFI secure boot
    II It's possible that during installation other OS is damaged don't boot in order having very important data that's very likely lost. Use an other computer to do some research


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