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need an experienced eye


I am new to Linux and I need someone who is experienced to look at some simple scripts I've written to launch a program in a terminal. Right now the program must be launched manually in a terminal. I use the program and wanted to be able to simply click on a desktop launcher. But just creating a launcher on the desktop did not work, even when it was set to run in a terminal. Plus I wanted to modify how a report was saved. So I created a couple scripts for myself and then realized there were others (mostly noobs, though the scripts do make using this program a lot easier) who might want this. Now that I have some scripts done up, with readmes, etc., I'd like to get an experienced eye to look things over and tell me where I messed up, or if there are better ways to do this. The scripts are very simple. I have created several versions, for the various DEs/terminal emulators out there (well some anyway). The program's creator wants to make this option available to people using the program, but before I give these to him, I'd like to get someone with some real experience to take a look.


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