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Error in LFS201 section 28.19.d "Knowledge Check 28.4"

log1c Posts: 3
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In the LFS201: Essentials of Linux Sytem Administration course in

 section 28.19.d "Knowledge Check 28.4 there is a mistake:


 The question asks for the command to convert a .vmdk image to a .qcow2 file.

 The correct answer gives the command for the other way round, though.

Afaik "qemu-img convert -O vmdk myvm.qcow2 myvm.vmdk" converts a qcow2 file into a vmdk file as far as the man page states.


 This can be confusing/misleading, please fix the question or the answer.


Best regards


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 1,101
    edited June 2018


    I reviewed it and you are right, it should be the other way around, as it's the source file and then the output one. Also the output type has to be changed.

    I'll inform of this, thanks for reporting it.




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